Couture and made to measure

In Paris, the Margareth & Moi couture studio regularly welcomes young women looking for exceptional wedding dresses, as well as French or foreign customers looking to order a unique evening dress. As for those in the know, they are aware they can have bespoke pieces, be it for the coming season or for an important event.

Made to measure in the purest Haute couture tradition

Gildas and Victoria first initiate a dialogue with the customer. After researching various styles and materials, they draw a sketch of the piece they both designed. Then pattern-makers create the pattern based on the customer’s measurements. Next, the head seamstress assembles the dress with a temporary fabric, as a draft piece. After a first fitting, the dress is made in its permanent designated fabric. A made to measure garment takes one or two months to be made, and requires two to three fittings.

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